Code of Practice

The Code of Practice applies to all Sections of the Rugby Club, but the Junior and Mini Sections have Codes of Conduct specific to their Sections relevant to them. All members of the Club are expected to abide by the laws of the RFU (Rugby Football Union), Warwickshire RFU, and the Rugby Club and to support or play in the spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play.

Members should not bring the good name of the Rugby Club or the game itself into disrepute


Players are encouraged to:

  1. Recognise and appreciate the efforts made by coaches, match officials, and administrators in providing them with the opportunity to play the game and enjoy the rugby environment.

  2. Understand the values of loyalty and commitment to teammates.

  3. Remember skill development, fun, and enjoyment are the most important parts of the game.

  4. Attend, participate, and be attentive at all training/coaching sessions.

  5. Attain levels of fitness commensurate with the standard of rugby you are playing.

  6. Work equally hard for yourself and your team and both will then benefit.

  7. Recognise good play by all players on your team and by your opponents.

  8. Play to the laws of the game and accept, without question, all the referee’s decisions.

  9. Be a sportsman – win or lose.

Players must not:

  1. Feign injury to gain an advantage or otherwise.

  2. Play under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Spectators are encouraged to:

  1. Acknowledge good individual and team performance and effort from all players irrespective of which team they play for.

  2. Respect match officials’ decisions.

  3. Never verbally abuse players, match officials, fellow spectators, or coaches.

  4. Condemn bad language, rude behaviour, and violence.

  5. Remember – “It’s only a game”.


Coaches are encouraged to:

  1. Respect all referees and the decisions they make (remember it could be you refereeing next week) and ensure that the players recognise that they must do the same.

  2. Provide positive feedback, where possible, constructively and encouragingly to all players during coaching and games.

  3. Recognise the importance of fun and enjoyment as well as winning.

  4. Ensure that players are coached in a safe environment.

  5. Never allow a player to train or play when injured.

  6. Develop an awareness of a healthy lifestyle including nutrition.

  7. Ensure that their knowledge and coaching strategies are up to date and in line with RFU philosophy.


Administrators are encouraged to:

  1. Encourage an environment within the rugby club whereby the opportunity to play rugby is offered to all members.

  2. Encourage the concept of good sporting partnerships between players, club coaches, officials, and spectators.

  3. Involve members in the decision-making process, where appropriate.

  4. Recognise that the rugby club has a “duty of care” towards all club members.

  5. Provide coaches and referees with the opportunity to achieve governing body qualifications.

  6. Ensure that equipment and facilities are available for and appropriate to the requirements of the coaches and the needs of the players.

  7. Ensure matches are officiated by suitable, and preferably qualified, referees.

  8. Ensure that appropriate medical and first aid provision is always available.

All Members

Members must not:

  1. Cause or attempt to cause injury to any other player, official, or spectator.

  2. Enter onto the field of play during a match except where asked to do so by the referee.

  3. Make an inflammatory remark or remarks to the referee, touch judges, or opposition supporters.

  4. Take property belonging to opponents or their Club or the public.

  5. Publicly criticise the referee.

  6. Engage in behaviour that is or is likely considered to be discriminatory for example by reference to age, ability, gender, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, or race.

  7. Behave in a way or behave in a way likely to cause offence, loss, injury, or damage to any person, Club or organisation, or their property while at or travelling to or from any Club or fixture.

All members should accede to all reasonable requests of Committee members, or their nominees, made in pursuance of their responsibilities. All members should remember that they represent their Rugby Club and so they should behave courteously and politely; treat members of the opposing Rugby Club or members of the public as you would hope to be treated in the same position.

The Club will discourage infringement of this Code of Practice by any member and in respect of any player, coach, administrator, volunteer, or member may hold an inquiry into any alleged breach, and suspend or expel from Membership any repeated or serious offender

1st January 2024